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significant and unavoidable environmental impacts with respect to transportation at two intersections and the air quality both operational quality pollutants and construction and operational health risks that could not be mitigated to below a significant level. in addition, the eir found that implementation of the proposed project would result in a cumulatively considerable contribution to the significant and unavoidable cumulative land use impact identified in the eastern neighborhoods's eir with respect to pvr land supply, it would result in a cumulatively considerable to significant and cumulative transportation at five intersections, and health risk related to toxic air contaminants. therefore, the commission would need to adopt a statement of overriding considerations pursuant to the california
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environmental quality act, we could request the commission adopt the project before you, and to which the final eir was prepared, it's with the ceqa guidelines. this concludes my presentation on the matter unless the commission members have any comments? >> commissioner antonini? >> thank you for your comments and particular reference and i was going to make the same comment in regards to responses to public comment and as i understand it and you pointed out under ceqa, you can't take into consideration the impact that something that is conceptual has not been funded or analyzed, it's the other way around, when that particular project would come up and you
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would have to look at this and there's no way of knowing what impacks that would bring, it might improve traffic flow as i think has been the case with the freeway not being there, i think we had more congestion when that was being presented. the other question i have and typically the period of time between the end of the draft eir comment period and the final eir certification is much shorter than is the case here and i think i understand that because a selection was made of a particular variant and it needed -- while there weren't any changes, everything was analyzed already, but there was time to actually put this into -- frame it into a content that was particularly with response to the project itself and if
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you can give me another reason why there was such a long period of time. >> well, supplemental analysis was conducted for variant 3 so it was looked at including the transportation impacts particularly because there were significant and unavoidable impacts from the project, we wanted to see what the variation would be with variant 3. >> and that would be what i would expect or a supplemental eir certainly can be included in comments and responses and that's what's happened here. >> supplemental analysis. >> analysis, yeah. okay, thank you. >> commissioner sugaya? >> yes, could you remind me, on past agendas when we've had final certifications of the final environmental impact report and project approvals which follow for the two
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separate sites, we've also had an agenda item on ceqa findings? >> the ceqa findings are part of the next item. we have a draft motion for certification of the eir which includes findings within that motion, but the ceqa finagled themselves would be part of the next item. >> and why isn't it advertised that way? >> it's part of one of motions you have with the project approvals. >> but in past agendas, we've had a separate item on ceqa findings because i specifically remember reusing myself on the eir portions and, you know, considering that as a separate item and i was wondering why it's just included and not noticed to the public? >> i can't speak to that because i'm not usually part of that. >> my understanding,
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commissioner is since we started wrapping them into the motion themselves, city attorney's determined we didn't need a separate item for them because they're wrapped into the c motion and so there is sufficient notice in that respect. >> okay. >> commissioner antonini? >> one other thing that i will bring up more when the projects are before us but i do make reference to it now, it's on rtc91 which is a rendering of 801 brannan in the comments and responses and the design is quite a bit different than what is going to be before us, however, i have reason to believe that the massing is the same and that's what really we are considering when we're considering impacts under eir, but i will bring that up because the design that's
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before us in the final project appears different than at least the facades are considerably different than what is present on what is in rc91 of comments and responses and i don't see any problem with that as long as there is no change in massing. >> yes, that's correct, although this was updated in november, 2012. there may have been some design refinements but they don't affect -- >> yeah, that's what i'm expecting. i prefer the earlier one, but that's a design issue which we will take up at the time of the item itself, but i see no change in the massing and the impact that is being analyzed, so with that in mind, i would move to certify the final environmental impact report. i feel it's complete, accurate and adequate. >> second. >> on that motion to certify
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commissioner antonini. >> aye. >> commissioner borden? >> so moved commissioners, that motion passes ewe nan nosily, 6-0, and places you under items 11a and b for cases 2012 .0700x at 801 brannan street and case number 2012 .0701x at 1 henry adams street for large project authorization. >> good afternoon, planning commissioners, ben fu, planning staff, the project proposes two developments, number one, additional structures at 801 brannan to allow the construction of a new six storey 68 foot tall building consisting of up to 432
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dwelling units, parking for up to 432 spaces and planning code exceptions [inaudible] off street loading reduction, the second development is also requesting for a large project authorization pursuant to the same code section 329 to allow the construction of two new six storey 68 foot tall buildings at 1 henry adams street, for parking up to 164 spaces and planning code exceptions for street frontage and horizontal mass reduction. the proposed project ins the affordability requirements of the two projects through a combination of land dedication and on-site alternatives, 55 [inaudible] affordable units and land dedication will be provided at 801 brannan street side, prep s*ent tiffs of the mayor's office of housing,
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should the commissioners have any questions? based on a proposed project, the department determined that the project complies with the applicable requirements of planning code, is consistent with the plan. it includes significant site updates, the project design is consistent and respects the existing neighborhood character and is an appropriate infill development, it pays the appropriate impact fees, the project adds a total of 671 units with over 40 of them containing two bedrooms or more to the city's housing stock, the project utilizes land dedication alternative to partially satisfy the affordable houses requirements, this provides for a unique opportunity to develop a more housing, more affordable housing units that would be
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required through the on-site affordable housing options, staff recommends approval with the project with conditions and i'm available for conditions. thank you. >> is there any -- director lee, do you want to offer anything? >> commissioners, i was here to answer any questions the commission hay -- may have related to the land dedication and the mayor's office, so if the commissioners have questions, at the appropriate time, i would be happy to answer those questions. >> thank you. i'm opening it up to public comment. and you requested a longer period? 20 minutes, which given the size of the project, we will
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grant.endorsing that
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project and i believe you have all those endorsement letters in your packet.
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let me add that all told, the -- this has 201 affordable units, it looks like we have 206, it looks like the total number of affordable units will be somewhere between 23 and 24 percent of all the units constructed across these projects which is a pretty significant increase above what you would get if they were simply on-site, we're also escrowing three quarters of a million dollars for the mayor's office of housing to use as they begin their site prep work so it's another way to get the process on the affordable side started. there's other economic impacts which are significant in materials of fees, construction jobs and an increase over the real estate tax base that the city currently enjoys from the property as is. so, let me just get to what i think in a lot of ways is the
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heart of the matter which is the removal of the concourse, that's where we have received a lot of feedback from folks. the process that we've gone through here has been a lot different than what we were facing when we were doing the triangle project which is a fenced off lot and the bus yard, those are not sites where people had any economic, cultural or emotional attachment to the site, and we knew that by taking this work on that we'd be upsetting a vocal and important constituency in the city so we didn't take that act lightly and we tried to review the work in two different ways. let me show you the building, this is the shot of the building going on brannan, this is the floor plan as it exists, each of those dots are piers that come down from the roof, and the bulk of feedback that
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is that the removal of the concourse space, and we've looked at these in different ways, one is economic and the other is cultural. with respect to the economic portion as you see in the report that was done in 2007 by economics research associates and updated by steve in 2013, it doesn't take a lot of squinting to see the case for economic redevelopment, and that's in part because the -- if we can go back to -- thank you, the history of this building is that it was for a lot of years a railroad depot and in 1981, it came to exist as we currently know it when they connected the two depots and put a roof over the top of it. in the 80s and 90, it served a good purpose where it was a space where extra trade shows
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could happen and those trade shows over time have started to migrate to other states, particularly las vegas, other venues and to the web, what you have is a space that's used for consumer shows, private parties, corporate events, those types of things, and as a result of all that, we have in the last 9 years as an occupancy of 30% for the concourse space. bhiel the 30% of use is really important to those who comprise the 30%, there's really -- it's difficult to make an economic justification for not redeveloping a site that hollow 70% of the year and it's difficult to make that case when there are alternative sites in the bay area and in san francisco where a lot of these folks can go.
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[inaudible] i spoke to them a couple of years ago, i think they are upset over the loss of the space, but after subsequent conversations, after they went out and looked at alternative opportunities there are other spaces that they can use, it will go on in 2014 and beyond, it's our sense that when some of the users of the space are confronted with these other options, they will make similar decisions. the economic case does not mean that -- for that 30%, this isn't a big deal, and we understand that, and we also know that from many different angles, the cultural and emotional aspects of losing a space in which you have these memories is difficult, we didn't take that lightly and we spent a lot of time trying to think of how they can create a new set of memories for the
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next set of people coming into this area, we started working with sf maid so understand why there weren't any san francisco based manufacturers that could come into the space and be potentially users of the space on the ground floor. we didn't have a lot of luck with sf maid, the perfect user would sit at the intersection of the start-up culture and the food culture, the two things that are uniquely san francisco and in that process, we ask that sf maid introduce us to la kasena, it itself is a start-up but in essence, it acts to provide opportunities for minority owned businesses that are san francisco based to move out of their home kitchens into the la casina kitchen and into the marketplace and when we
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spoke to the executive director of la casina, it's because the start-up cost of a kitchen is prohibitive, so we over the last year have been working with caleb and his team and have committed ourselves to picking up the tab for that kitchen so we'll build it on our dime and allow these four to six of la casina bidets -- businesses to move into that space and take over the retail space, which we think is a great win for the project and for the city, i think it provides an opportunity for a new set of memories for a new generation of people who will be moving into this area. so, in summary, we're not here to argue that the loss of the
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concourse space isn't significant or those who voiced opposition don't have merit in some of their argument but we do know that you acted with conviction in 2008 when you approved the eastern neighborhoods plan which set the land use strategy for this area and we hope you will support these projects that allow the city to realize that vision. i'm going to turn things over to paula from bar who will talk to you about the 1 henry adams project and then hand it over to david baker who will talk about 801 brannan, thank you. >> president fong, commissioners, members of the public, thank you very much for having us here today. can we move to the screen, please. >> and could you also state your name? >> my name is paula krugmyer. we have a collaboration on this
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project with john warden, our associates and also miller company landscape architects. with regard to the project data, i think you've all seen this, i think the point here on this slide is that the open space that we're providing is nearly double that of -- of what is required in the eastern neighborhoods plan. with regard to the location, the context is largely very large buildings and i think the main point here in the interest of time is that we are providing housing in -- that is in very close proximity now to jobs and this is something that we couldn't necessarily have said 10 years ago but it's an important aspect of the development as a residential and mixed use development today. in addition, there are residential, other residential developments around -- in the immediate vicinity. the plans for the project,
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henry adams are right on to*uns end circle so this is an important knuckle on the city grid, in line with the city neighborhood plan, we provided largely commercial and active uses at the ground floor and the north building which is on your left, this does not have any parking in it but has 85 dwelling units. the south building has the parking for the combined project and is basically the garage is lined with active uses. so, the parking structure serves both buildings, the publicly accessible use provides for the two building, the design shows dedicating or setting back the building 14 to 15 feet from the existing
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property line to further activate those commercial spaces and to help accommodate a unique condition with the grading there. in addition, we have worked very hard to maintain the head in parking that's existing in that location to help the success of those commercial spaces. next is the open space plan and again, this is showing a couple of new things, one is that on the north building, on the left, we have a roof terrace, on the south bidding, the form is an h form, residential developments come in a form of the dome with the courtyard on the inside, here we turned the courtyards to the outside so the building is turned inside out, and this accomplishes three things, one is it breaks down the massing considerably especially with respect to its large neighbors, secondly, it
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improves sunlight for residents and it reduces shadow -- shadowing on the public spaces. in terms of the proposed projects, the proposed view as everyone has pointed out is a six storey building, the commercial base is as required, 17 feet tall and that will help provide active uses at the ground floor, the building has classical proportions but in a contemporary style and they are zinc metal clad siding with plaster accents. moving around to rhode island streets, we are providing sidewalks with a bus stop, folks are currently waiting in
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the street, and this is showing how the massing is turned inside out and the courtyard is actively connected with the street. moving around to alameda and henry adams, we see on henry adams in particular, there is no sidewalk, the cars are parking perpendicular which in fact we liked and the proposed view shows the other side of the h shape building showing again how the scale is broken down and again on the south building, we have the 17 foot first floor. the [inaudible] on the south building are cement plaster, that is stucco with zinc accents, and then moving down henry adams, we have -- this is a view into the muse and this is also showing that unusual grade condition that we talked about where the historic street
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dips down for loading purposes and with the old brick warehouses, we've set back the building an additional 15 feet so we have a sidewalk at the commercial level and a lowered sidewalk at the street level and finally we're going to move into the muse, that is how that space looks today. if we were to move into the muse and look back, the pace is between 29 and 65 feet wide and has active uses lining both sides, this is the folks that would cross over to access the garage on the left and with that, we will move to 801 brannan. >> thank you, paula. i'm david baker, i'm working on 801 brannan, and moving right along here, here's our summary
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again, 68 foot tall, almost 43% of the units are 2 and 3 bedrooms, the 3 bedrooms are put on the ground level typically with the idea that it's more suitable for kids that can come and go easily, almost 20 thousand square foot of commercial space which is a good amount and almost an acre of open space, then in terms of the parking, we had two garages, one of them contains residential parking spaces, we're at .72 per unit, 309 spaces, there is no special restr*ishes from previous approvals for cars, then a smaller garage that is to serve a personal space for la casina people, that's 15 spaces,
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there's a five car share spaces. the other thing we've done is put 38 motorcycle and scooter spaces, i think that is something that's coming because it's hard to haul your electric scooter up to your apartment and we have 39 bicycle spaces, so this is the -- it shows the plan and i'll go through it. the thing -- i guess the take away is like the zinga building next door, it is a very large building and the units are above, i'll go through the diagram. this is looking basically from the front of 1 henry adams and i think the take away here is howell this building fits in with the large massing of the large commercial spaces, that's zinga in the foreground and 801 brannan and 888 -- it's where

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